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Typical restaurant

Disizos Sardos

Where Sardinian food wishes come true.

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A typical restaurant in San Teodoro

Disizos Sardos
"San Teodoro"

Typical restaurant Disizos Sardos in San Teodoro with authentic sardinian cuisine with a touch of modernity. Where you can enjoy and experience the Culture, Tradition... the Quality of Sardinia.
Tasting of typical dishes is a mix of cold and warm starters, roast suckling pig, culurgiones with bottarga of Cabras, Fregola & the sea, and many typical dishes. A riot of colours and flavours for all to enjoy.

We offer traditional recipes, and we select the best ingredients to ensure an unforgettable culinary experience.

Typical restaurant Olbia

Disizos Sardos "Olbia"

Typical restaurant Disizos Sardos in Olbia, where you can taste the real traditional flavors of Sardinia. Disizos Sardos is a journey to discover the flavours and recipes. In a typical restaurant in Olbia, you can enjoy specialities based on fresh fish and seafood of the day.

discover the authentic

taste of sardinia


Our raw materials are sourced from small, local producers, we support the zero kilometres and we ensure freshness and quality.


Our menu reflects the authentic dishes of the sardinian tradition. Pecorino, roasted meats and food, frattau bread, ravioli, pork, seadas.

Culinary art

To keep pace with the times, we give a touch of modernity to the best recipes of the sardinian culinary tradition

We serve the dishes of the sardinian tradition, among which stand out the pig roast, the seadas, culurgiones and the malloreddus. Our restaurants offer a unique atmosphere that captures the essence of the culture and the warm hospitality of the islanders. Your journey in the tradition of sardinian cuisine starts here.


the franchise

Disizos sardos

The franchising project comes from far away. Many years ago, a young entrepreneur wanted to melt the dream of all the people who love Sardinia, with the memories lived during the holidays, and the food and wine specialities.

The franchise Disizos Sardos® was born from the idea of exporting the tradition of sardinian cuisine to give the possibility to those people who have never tasted the Sardinia dream, to know and to experience the emotions that characterize it.

The project was born to make sure that the real traditional recipes from Sardinia can be enjoyed by all, even far away from this wonderful island.


The flavours of tradition

The sardinian culinary tradition is very ancient and is mainly based on local specialties, such as lamb, pork and sheep, fresh fish, cheeses, sheep cheeses, vegetables, and grains. Also, Sardinia has a wide range of aromatic and medicinal plants, such as mint, rosemary, sage, thyme, and myrtle, which are often used in the local cuisine.

The typical sardinian cuisine has been influenced by different cultures throughout history, including Spanish, Arabic and genoese. Among the typical dishes of the sardinian tradition, there are many meat dishes like the “pig” and “fregola”. The sardinian cuisine is also famous for its pecorino cheese, including the “pecorino sardo”, the “fiore sardo” and “fresh ricotta and mustìa”.

Sardinia is also very famous for its wine production, including:

  • the “Cannonau” full-bodied red wine – great with the meat
  • the Vermentino white wine, fresh and fragrant, great to sip on in the hot, quiet summer evenings

The sardinian cuisine is so very rich and varied, it is composed of fresh pasta dishes, hand-made and the dishes are mainly based on meat, cheeses and cold meats. Thanks to its geographical position, climate, and history has ancient culinary traditions that stimulate the palate and the senses. Here are some typical sardinian dishes:

  • Culurgiones: ravioli stuffed with potatoes, cheese, pecorino and mint, topped with fresh tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Suckling pig: suckling pig cooked roast, flavored with berries and leaves of myrtle.
  • Carasau bread, thin and crispy, perfect to accompany the cheese or use as a base for recipes like the “zuppa gallurese”.
  • Seadas: fried sweet cheese filling cheese and covered with honey or sugar.
  • Fregola pasta typical of Sardinia similar to couscous, usually served with fish or meat sauce.
  • Malloreddus: fresh pasta in the shape of dumpling, usually topped with a delicious sauce of sausage or fresh tomato and sheep cheese.
  • Zuppa gallurese: a dish that is reminiscent of a lasagna with a base of carasau bread, cheese and meat broth, and usually served hot.
  • Spaghetti alla bottarga: spaghetti with garlic, pepper, and grated bottarga.

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