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Sardinia at your home

Chef at Home

Eating at a restaurant means to be pampered; to have someone who cooks for your in the comfort of home is a lot more.
Code word: total relax. A menu dedicated to wine and food of sardinia.

The restaurant at your house

Open the door of the house and discover a real restaurant...
All for you!
From the aperitif to the dessert: impress your guests with a lunch or dinner at your house.
Enjoy dinner from the moment you sit till the one you get up from the table.

I'll take care of the rest (washing included)! 

Are you curious to know how a dinner at home works?

Below I answer some frequent questions.
For any further information, please contact me!

Frequently asked questions

After a first contact, I will investigate one or more menus to suit your needs, established day and time, I will go to your house (an hour before the arrival of your guests) to complete, or possibly to prepare the dishes of the menu you selected. I will serve at the table for you and your guests, explaining what you will enjoy, and wash the dishes, I'll leave the kitchen clean as before use, you won't have to think about anything, but to be a guest in the comfort of your own home.

To better organize the evening, the optimum notice is at least 1 week.

Generally I use the equipment that I find into everyone's house (such as oven, stove), if there is a need, I can integrate with my.

The same goes for the dishes and the pots and pans, cutlery and glasses. According to the agreements previously established, it is possible to have different options. Use my or your.

I can cook and serve in your home for up to 8 people, if the number increases, I make use of experienced workers. For catering there is a dedicated team.

There is no place where I have not cooked... then the location can be potentially any place. You set the limit!

Homes under renovation without a kitchen, sheds, gardens, boats... shops... 

I cook by listening to the vibrations that my client sends me, every dish is no longer mine, but of the customer who inspires me. For this reason I work with custom menus. But the sardinian cuisine, it is the host.

There are different price ranges for a menu 
For refreshments, the fare may be lower. Everything here spreads from the dialogue between “The Mobile Chef” and its customers.

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