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franchise disizos sardos

Bring the sardinian cuisine in the World



The franchising project comes from far away. Many years ago, a young entrepreneur wanted to melt the dream of all the people who love Sardinia, with the memories lived during the holidays, and the food and wine specialities.

The franchise Disizos Sardos® was born from the idea of exporting the tradition of sardinian cuisine to give the possibility to those people who have never tasted the Sardinia dream, to know and to experience the emotions that characterize it.

The project was born to make the real recipes traditional sardines can be enjoyed by all, even far away from this wonderful island.

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The Concept

No compromise on quality. We are proud of the products of our cooking techniques and preparation. We use only the best ingredients to give you an authentic taste without compromising on the quality.

The Authentic Taste Of Sardinia. We use only the finest ingredients and traditional recipes for our dishes. Our chef express the best of each recipe, giving you a real taste of Sardinia. Enjoy an incredible dining experience with us.

The perfect atmosphere for all.
We ensure that everyone feels welcome and relaxed. Our staff will be more than happy to help you choose from our extensive selection of dishes and wines, so do not hesitate and trust us.


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