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The dream of a young boy from Sardinia

Our history

The name “Disizos Sardos”: translated is Sardinian Wishes... where culinary sardinian desires become reality, to experience the authentic and genuine Sardinia.

A unique history

Disizos Sardos®

The meaning

The meaning Disizos Sardos "Sarinian Wishes": the two words that can mean little or nothing for someone who has never been to Sardinia, but mean so much to those who have had the chance to visit it, even if only for a short vacation.

The idea

The idea was born from the dream of a young entrepreneur of the island who sold “zero kilometers” products from the small farms of the island during the summer season, sold only at the point of sale in San Teodoro, and in winter time, in the various food events that took place in the major cities of Italy

why was this project born?

All customers always ask where it was possible to eat and buy the typical products of Sardinia, and who had been there reminded how beautiful that island was, with a breath-taking landscape and sea, with the traditions, and unique stories.

So he decided to join, dreams, memories of holidays lived with specialty food so that you can feel a truly unique experience.

Disizos Sardos,
Where sardinian culinary desires become reality


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